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182: Purple Birman


174: Snow Leopard

Trying something new. Kind of got carried away trying to work things out so I didn’t realize 1am came and went. I really should go to bed. I kind of like it though, may revisit some issues and sell it as a print! 


119: Curly Cat


114: Snow Leopard Sketch

thedamnriddler asked: Prmt: Stiles has had enough and tries to break up with Peter. Peter's all "lol no, that's cute though".


 Peter’s mouth is firm against his.  Warm and insistent.  Stiles pushes at his shoulders, shoving him away.

“Stop it,” Stiles says, breath short, and Peter doesn’t go far but he lets Stiles put some bit of space between them.  “Stop it.  This isn’t—This isn’t some kind of game, Peter.”

“I know.”

“Then stop,” Stiles insists, pushing at him again even as Peter crowds in close.  “I’m over it.  I’m over this.”

“No.” Peter says, like it’s the simplest thing in the world, pinning Stiles in with his arms, crowding him into the corner.

“I’m not kidding, Peter.” Stiles says, voice firm, eyes narrowed.  “We’re done.  I’m done.  Okay?”

“Not okay,” Peter shakes his head.  “Because I’m not done.  And you don’t want to be done.”

Stiles’ jaw flexes.  He elbows Peter in the diaphragm, and it isn’t much but it’s enough to give him plenty of space to slip by.  Peter catches him by the elbow, eyes flaring.

“We’re not finished here, Stiles.”

“Yes, we are.” Stiles jerks away from his touch.  “I’m going home.”

“Stiles,” Peter frowns, reaching for him again.  “Are you serious?”

Yes.” Stiles replies, voice raw and strained.  “Yes, absolutely serious.  I can’t do this anymore, Peter.  I can’t—I can’t keep pretending that what we are is okay.”

Peter scoffs out a bitter laugh, smile not pleasant.  “And what’s so wrong with it?”  

Stiles’ eyes narrow.  “Are you shitting me?  We don’t trust each other, Peter.  I don’t trust you—and you don’t trust anyone.  How the fuck do you—?”

“I do trust you,” Peter cuts him off, and Stiles falters.  “I trust you more than I trust anyone, Stiles.”

Stiles goes quiet.  He swallows, chewing the inside of his cheek, and Peter waits. 

“I can’t hear the truth like you,” Stiles says.  “I don’t know if you’re—“

Peter steps close, takes Stiles’ hand and presses it to his neck, guiding Stiles’ fingers to his pulse.  Stiles’ lips part, eyes flitting over Peter’s face. 

“My name is Peter Hale.” He says, and Stiles’ breath hitches in his chest as he feels the steady thump-thump under Peter’s skin.  “I am a Beta werewolf, eldest in the McCall Pack of Beacon Hills.”


"You need to hear a lie," Peter adds.  "To know what it feels like." 

Stiles licks his lips.  ”Lie to me, then.” 

"I absolutely hate fucking you." 

Stiles snorts, but he feels the uptick in Peter’s heart rate.  ”Now tell me the truth.” 

“I trust you,” Peter says, firm, boding no room for argument and Stiles shuffles closer at the steady pace.  “Even though you’re a giant brat with terrible manners.”

Stiles laughs.  “Yeah.  Yeah, okay.”

“Okay?” Peter’s brow lifts. 

Stiles nods.

“Good,” he says and reels Stiles in by the waist, kissing him.  “Now let’s go have make-up sex.”

Stiles laughs against his mouth, more teeth than lips as they kiss.



Lady Sif with the South Park boys because of this scene in J.I.M

i have a really big crush on lady sif okay!

If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge. I feel like it just gets a lot more laid back and no one cares. It’s really nice.

What do you think your character looks for in a love interest? - Wolf Watch, “De-Void” (x)